About Us

STT was founded in 2005 and officially registered in 2006 as a local NGO supporting urban poor communities STT started as a small NGO that focused on technical upgrades in poor communities and has since grown to produce community maps, research and advocacy in order to achieve its goal of helping poor communities realise their rights to land and housing Today, STT has become well known in the NGO community due to its unique technical support, and its ability in working on very challenging/sensitive issues.

STT is a land and housing rights organization supporting advocacy and development in urban poor and vulnerable communities.
STT’s uniqueness is community mapping, which are produced for communities to use in claiming their rights to land.

STT envisions urban poor and vulnerable communities receiving adequate housing, and improved living conditions and prosperity.

STT’s mission is to develop advocacy tools, empower, and support urban poor and vulnerable communities to obtain adequate and comfortable housing.

STT’s Project Components

  1. Community Mapping and Research: STT’s mapping and research team produces maps of communities and conducts research on urban issues related to land, housing and rights to the city in Phnom Penh.
  2. Community Mobilisation and Empowerment: The community team works closely with at-risk communities to make sure they understand their rights under Cambodian law, international law, and what mechanisms are available for them to pursue these rights.
  3. ICT and Media: The ICT and Media team works with communities and Phnom Penh residents to achieve transparency by sharing information, training community members on how to use secure messaging apps, and using technology to create a more inclusive city through the website ‘Urban Voice’.
  4. Land and Housing Rights: The Land and Housing Rights team works with at-risk communities who are involved in land conflicts, or soon will be, providing advice, training and documentation in conjunction with other teams. Additionally, the team documents cases for advocacy and research purposes.