Phnom Penh based Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) is a Cambodian Urban NGO set up in September 2005 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in December 2006.STT focuses on infrastructure upgrading, however, over the past decade many communities have been impacted by development- related land alienation and evictions. Due to this, STT has strengthened its research and advocacy to draw attention to a development policy that in Phnom Penh alone has led to over 270,000 residents being displaced since 1990. By supporting genuine community complaints and grievances, STT and its partners have been helping communities articulate their concerns to local and international media, donors and other NGOs and INGOs.

STT is providing internship opportunity for University student to explore new experiences through learning-by-doing, as following:

HR/Admin Intern 01
Media Intern 01
Mapping Intern 01
AHUP Intern 01
HRBSP Intern 02
Community Intern 01
For more information: INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY