About STT

Sahmakum Teang Tnaut: a Cambodian Urban NGO


A society in which urban inhabitants enjoy adequate housing within a sustainability developing city.


To provide pro-poor technical assistance for housing and infrastructure and to inform dialogue and raise awareness about urban issues


Phnom Penh based Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (‘STT’) was set up  in September 2005 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in December 2006. ‘Teang Tnaut’ means ‘Sugar Palm Leaf’ in Khmer and is used for house construction, thatch roofs, sugar and packaging. This icon of the Cambodian landscape evokes a simplicity and  usefulness which STT tries to reflect in its work with urban communities. From the outset STT has had a focus on  infrastructure upgrading but over the past decade many communities have been impacted by development-related land alienation and evictions. Because of this STT has strengthened its research and advocacy to draw attention to  a development policy that in Phnom Penh alone has led to 270,000 residents being displaced since 1990.  By supporting genuine community complaints and grievances STT and its partners have been  helping communities articulate their concerns to local and international media, donors and other NGOs & INGOs.

In 2014 STT had a change of leadership structure. Since then, STT has been collaboratively run by the Executive Director (ED) and the Management Committee (MC). In the same year, STT changed its by-laws to make the Board, which was Advisory, into an Executive Board.  Currently, STT consists of a growing team committed to fulfilling the organisation’s mission.