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  1. Phil McKinney
    d28 at h06:03m

    Dear Ms Lindström

    My name is Phil McKinney and I will be supporting People in Need on a nutrition assessment of urban poor in Phnom Penh from early April 2014.

    I came across your NGO’s wonderful report that beautifully describes the Urban Poor and articulates a definition of this population.

    With the Nutrition Assessment People in Need are looking to firstly understand the nutritional situation in the Inner and Outer Khans of the Urban Poor, and then formulate programming designed to assist this population in this aspect of their lives.

    What your report does is very clearly define this population and indicate their locations. For other surveys of the Urban Poor, such as PIN’s nutrition assessment, this provides an incredible resource to assist with the process of sampling.

    The maps you have in the annexes at the back of your report are excellent. I was wondering if you have the data on the total number of households per settlement that you list? If so, I was wondering if we could access such information?

    Thank you for your time and consideration in advance.


    Phil McKinney

  2. heang
    d22 at h10:05m

    dear stt,
    i’m the student of architecture in puc. i’m really interesting in railway project. i see that STT has the project with the ADB . i look it and i see the project that u do on 2011. so i want to do this project for my thesis. but i need some data about the solution from the past on the railway site . now i see one on from your site in 2011 project rehabilitation on railway station, so do u have more date on the past solution beside 2011 ? if u have that data, can u send to me by the email? because i need data to support my thesis . i hope u see my point. thanks for reading my comment

  3. Chansophal vilina
    d20 at h10:06m

    I really love social work

  4. samsarin
    d17 at h09:08m

    i like your term.

  5. d17 at h09:09m

    Here is the link a blog talking about railway http://cambodiatrainspotter.wordpress.com you can find all information about railway in Cambodia

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