Consultant to Produce Manual and Training Course on Climate Change Terms of Reference (TOR)

1. Introduction and Background

STT is a Cambodian Urban NGO working with vulnerable urban poor communities, in Phnom Penh and the provinces, who are affected by land and housing rights issues. STT is currently implementing four related projects: 1) Community Mapping, Housing Improvement and Urban Resilience Project; 2) Housing Rights and Research Project; 3) Community Empowerment Project; and 4) Community ICT and Media Project. Each year, to support the advocacy work of STT and other partner organizations, STT undertakes research into key issues affecting urban poor communities under the threat of eviction.STT also has a strong focus on strengthening the advocacy capacity of community activists and provides a number of social media, ICT and land and housing right trainings to urban and rural communities.

STT is looking to hire an external consultant to produce a manual and conduct trainings on various topics including climate change resilience, climate change adaptation, climate-smart technologies, the relationship between STT’s work and SDGs, and other environmental topics.

2. Objective

The purpose of the consultancy is to help STT staff build strong foundations, knowledge, and develop awareness over a plurality of climate change-related topics. The aim is to increase STT’s technical working capacity, and ability to incorporate a climate-conscious approach to all STT’s work – when working with vulnerable urban communities.

3. Expected Results and Deliverables

– Before commencement of work, the consultant is required to submit a proposal including methodology, a strategy, and an action plan, as well as a budget to STT.
– Trainings and workshops to be provided to relevant STT staff (number of trainings and duration/timetable of workshops are all flexible)
– The consultant is expected to produce a manual, which can be used as an internal training document for future STT staff and interns. The manual can be developed and designed in any form – however, it must include at least five or six chapters or modules on climate-related
topics, which can then be applied and used as STT guidelines.
– A short report on the process, staff progress, and further recommendations will be produced and submitted to STT.

4. Methods and Activities

The manual and training course will use standard ToT methodologies/techniques. The training will be conducted in a way so that participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice new key techniques and methodologies – useful to STT’s overall work. With regards to the timing of training sessions, this will be discussed once the consultant is selected. The timeframe is flexible, and it should be noted that STT offices are open only Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Topics covered by the training could include, but are not limited to:
– Climate change resilience.
– Climate change adaptation and mitigation.
– Relationship between STT’s work and SDG 13.
– Environmental topics relevant to STT’s work.
– Climate change and the urbanisation of Phnom Penh.
– The Government of Cambodia and the international community’s current strategies to tackle
climate change.

5. Support Team from STT

The consultant will work closely with the Community Mapping, Housing Improvement and Urban Resilience Project Manager, Human Resource and Administration Manager and relevant staff to facilitate this consultancy. Key contacts include:

No. Name Position Contact Email
1 Mr. Suos Sopheap HR and Admin Manager 016 249 225
2 Mr. Sorn Sokhret Project Manager 0968 055 443

6. Duration and Place of Work

This consultancy will commence as soon as possible, and the duration of the contract will be three months from the start date, although we are flexible. Specific duration will be stated in the service agreement once the consultancy is offered.

7. Consultancy Fee

This consultancy fee is a maximum of $2,800.00

8. Required qualifications of the Consultant

STT is looking for a consultant with the following qualifications:
– Minimum of bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
– Five years’ experience in providing organizational consultancy services on the topics mentioned by STT above.
– Highly effective team player.
– Good communication skills.
– Khmer language is an advantage.

9. How to Apply
Interested candidates should send their application and CV highlighting relevant experience and a technical proposal, including budget to STT’s Human Resources and Administration through email:

Closing date: October 21st, 2022 before 5pm.





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