FACTS AND FIGURES #35: Public spaces in Phnom Penh

Public space serves an important role by providing citizens outlets for creativity, areas for relaxation and community building, and platforms for civic engagement, free speech and peaceful assembly.

This report details and maps the public spaces in Phnom Penh to inform the discussion about their role in the city with data, perspectives of the local people, and a better understanding of where the spaces are located, what benefits they provide, who can use them, and what threats they face. The report draws on historical and theoretical concepts of public spaces, including legal classifications and the views of Cambodians regarding what makes a space public.

You can also find the report in PDF here: Khmer – English

Contact for more information:
Mr. Isaac Daniels, Program Adviser of Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT)
E-mail: advisor@teangtnaut.org