Beoung Kak community still demands for the release of human right defenders and their representative

Beoung Kak community activists gathered on Monday this morning to conduct press conference demanding for resolution for their land issues and intervention to release Mrs. Tep Vanny and 4 ADHOC staffers, and one NEC official, who have been in pre-trial detention for months.

Mrs. Tep Vanny and Mrs. Bov Sophea were arrested in the evening of August 17 while they were running Black Monday campaign in their community to demand for the release of four human rights defenders of ADHOC and NEC official.

On 22 August, Phnom Penh Municipal court decided against Mrs. Bov Sophea and Mrs. Tep Vanny. Both were charged with insulting public officials which resulted in 6 days imprisonment Mrs. Bov Sophea was released later that day, while Mrs Tep Vanny has not been still put in pre-trial detention regarding the protest outside the house of Prime Minister Hun Sen since 2013.

Beoung Kak community members organized protests for past 15 weeks, as part of Black Monday campaign in order to demand for the release of human right defenders and NEC official, who were arrested on May 2, in the case of Khom Chandaraty called Srey Mom who has been penetrated that had an affair with opposition leader Kem Sokha.