Local Authority Destroys Residential Property without a Public Consultation

19 January 2016

At about 8.30 am on the morning of 18 January 2016, an estimated 100 mixed up forces of Khan and Sangkat Russey Keo, equipped with hammers, knifes, axes and saws and deploying an excavator to destroy properties of residents living in O Baktouk village, Sangkat Boeung Salang, Khan Russey Keo, following Khan’s notification issued on 12 January 2016 that inform people living along the O Baktoul canal to remove voluntary some properties grow or build illegally along the edge of the canal.

According to the notification of Khan Russey Keo, this is only administrative measure to move such toilets, kitchen and chicken’s cottages of families which have lived on edge of Baktouk canal, which accused as illegal. The authority’s action was to 3 families which requested and very challenged to conduct a transparent development.

In the wake situation Khan Russey Keo governor Mr. Thun Sokhorn did a media conference on that issue, in order to clarify with media and public why authority come to take this action. He said in the conference that this project is in the master plan of MPP and we do this because of public interest; he added that authority firstly take only about 10 meters from the edge of the canal, but it is 20 meters according to regulation. Moreover, authority will conduct both sides of the canal where approximately 300 families could be effected by the project; nevertheless he affirmed that there will no compensation for those who could effect. It should be noted that the canal stretches about 4 km long starting point at street 273 (Tuol Sangke) till Borei Kong Bun Hov and so far they initially achieved about 1800 meters a side.

According to Mr. Sek Sokha, an effected resident telling us that next step is going to seek legal aid from Land NGO (i.g CLEC) over the case.

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