FACTS AND FIGURES #47: Women in poor communities, social media, and threats

Today, Cambodians use social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as other networks and applications for entertainment, social networking, receiving and providing information, advertising, and for employment.  

Theuse of social media by women in poor communities is no different from that of other people. This Facts and Figures focuses on women activists or community representatives and their experience of using social media to advocate, seek and share information, manage data and ask for help during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Information shared covered land issues, rights to land titles, infrastructure, drug use, and other topics relevant to their communities 

However, sharing information and the problems faced by these poor communities is prohibited by local authorities, which seriously affects the rights and freedoms of expression. 


“Around the twentieth of September 2018, while my community was celebrating World Habitat Day, I was called in and transported away from the community by the authorities for questioning regarding the celebration. When I arrived at the Sangkat office, those authorities, all of whom are men, threatened and accused me of celebrating World Habitat Day.  

Each of their actions exhibited threats, such as yelling and slamming the table. They yelled at me saying that all of my [Facebook] posts were wrong and that I should delete them as I made accusations against the government, and then slammed the table. They prohibited me from continuing any activities tarnishing the government’s reputation. They didn’t explain to me in a peaceful manner or offer any reasonable solutions. All their actions were nothing but violations of my rights and dignity.” 

Said Ming Chan 

You can find out more about our report, which can be accessed at https://teangtnaut.org/?lang=en  

You can download the report as a PDF file here! Khmer – English

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