Reaction to the New Road Plan

In response to Municipal Governor Pa Socheatvong’s decision to develop a new road on unused and worn-out railway connecting Street 70 to National Road 5, today the fearing community people affected by the development plan are making a press conference at Tuol Sangke District with the participation of other communities, NGOs, and press news.

The objective of this conference is to demand a transparent and evident compensation by the development, which is said not to have notified the local community prior to the plan. This new road plan with a length of 4510 meters connecting Street 70 to National Road 5, not to mention its width expansion of 7 meters on each lane, will affect many families along the new road. Without clear compensation promise either in exchange of land or cash compensation, NGOs as well as the affected families are fearing that this plan might not follow the right-based development as it used to happen elsewhere in the city.