Roadblock during 2014 Water Festival

After fatalities on the Koch Pich Bridge during the Water Festival celebration in 2010, the Water Festival was cancelled for three years. This year, Phnom Penh will host its first Water Festival since that tragic day. The event will last for three days from November 5th – 7th.

During the Water Festival, each province will send boats to compete in the boat races in front of the Royal Palace, bringing more than a million of people from the provinces to visit Phnom Penh. They will usually also spend time at the national parking, Dream Land, and Koch Pich.

Due to the growing of crowds of people in the city during the Water Festival, a few streets will probably be blocked from traffic such as the ones around the Night Market, Royal Palace, Chaktomuk Conference Hall, Cambodiana, and Naga World. However, you should still be allowed to walk along those streets.