Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant)

July 18, 2019
1. Introduction and Background

STT is a Cambodian Urban NGO working in Phnom Penh and provinces with poor communities affected by land and housing rights issues. STT is implementing four related projects: a) Community Mapping, Housing Improvement and Research Project; b) Land and Housing Rights Project; c) Community Empowerment Project; and d) Community Media and ICT Project. Each year to support the advocacy work of STT and other partner organisations, STT undertakes research into key issues affecting urban poor communities under threat of eviction. ICT is in need for STT to keep the information most up-to-date and avaible for the public and that is why IT solution is needed.

STT will make sure that all relevant information of online activities will be active in order to keep breathing the voice of the communities’ land and housing issues.

2. Objective

The purpose of this consultancy is to provide IT troubleshooting support to STT

3. Expected Results and Deliverables

  • Before commencement of work the consultant is required to submit STT with a final proposal including methodology, support strategy, work plan and budget.
  • The consultant is expected to provide timely supports following the request of STT .
  • The consultant is required to provide report after the completion of tasks requested by STT.

4. Methods and Activities

    The consultant will provide STT with the following areas:

  • Provide assistance to assess the IT problems of project staff.
  • Working closely with STT’s Media Officer to monitor and evaluate the needed of supports from all of staff members.
  • Support IT operations and make sure the STT operations run smoothly, such networking, repairing computer, reparing printnters and programme installations.
  • Receive comments from STT Management.

5. Support Team from STT

The consultant will work closely with the Media Project Officer, Program Manager and Senior Human Resource and Admin Officer to facilitate this consultancy. Key contacts include as follows:

Name Position Mobile Email
Mr. Sem Sareth Media Officer 010 700 886
Mr Em Khemara Program Manager 089666031
Mrs. Net Chanthida Senior Human Resource and Admin Officer 092 781 442

6. Duration and Place of Work

This consultancy will be started as soon as possible (by 1St  August, 2019).  The duration of this work will be commenced from the day of signing agreement until the end of this year (December 31, 2019).

7. Consultancy Fee

This consultancy fee will be used the time-based fee approach. The consulting fee is USD 20 per hour based on the work/assignment completed.

8. Required qualifications of the Consultant

STT is looking for consultant who has the following criteria:

  • At least Bachelor Degree of Computer Science, Information Technology or other relevant field.
  • Extensive knowledge and concrete professional experience of IT skills
  • Experience providing organizational consultancy services on IT.
  • Experience in conducting training on IT skills or relevant topics.
  • High effectiveness of working as a team
  • Good communication skills

9. How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their application and CV highlighting relevant experience and a technical proposal include budgeting to STT Administration and Human Resource through email and Mr Em Khemara through email:

Closing date: July 31, 2019<>