Ratanakiri March Gets Underway

Date: 04th, December 2014

The 66th International Human Rights Day (IHRD) officially began this morning for the people of Cambodia. The 5-day event has been split into 7 separate marches that will all converge in Phnom Penh on December 10th where they will submit a petition to the National Assembly.

At 7am this morning, 250 people (including monks, activists, and community members) gathered by La Ern Kren village for the Ratanakiri march—the other 6 marches begin tomorrow. The monks lead the procession to Yeak Laom Lake where they are now resting. At the lake, Venerable Loun Sovath is conducting an open discussion on human rights, land disputes, and Buddhist teachings.

The march will eventually continue on to the Poum Thmey pagoda where they will all be staying the night. Before going to sleep, the monks plan to make more speeches on human rights as well as recite poetry for their fellow activists.

Ratanakiri March 1 Ratanakiri March 3 Ratanakiri March 2

Photos courtesy of Venerable Thour Thea at the march.