Release of ‘The Phnom Penh Survey: A study on urban poor settlements in Phnom Penh’

Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) has released its newest report, The Phnom Penh Survey, to update and add new data to previous research on urban poor settlements in the city, produce current, accurate maps of all of the settlement locations and provide findings that will help lead to positive outcomes for the urban poor.  The report develops findings on various issues pertinent to urban poor settlements including issues related to tenure security; eviction threats, land tenure and titling and the implementation of Circular 03. It also looks at infrastructure and service provision finding a limited drainage systems, trash collection and access to reasonably priced utilities. It shows a divide exists between inner and outer Khan settlements, with those in the outer Khans falling behind in many of the infrastructure and service categories that the survey explored. It concludes with recommendations for key stakeholders including the Municipality of Phnom Penh (MPP), the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction (MLMUPC) and development partners.

Download report in PDF: STT _201402_Phnom Penh Survey


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