Technical Research

Technical Research

Technical Research is focused on informal settlements in urban and peri-urban areas. Research topics include a wide range of issues from documentation of communities and their current infrastructure to wider issues of transport and the environment. This type of Research plays a key role in understanding communities and informing the ongoing dialogue about urban community issues.

Relocation sites survey

in 2011 STT will be revisiting the 2007 ‘Relocations sites survey’, updating information and adding more detail to the 50+ sites. In addition a more in depth study will be made of Damnak Trawyoeung relocation site.

Urban review

STT will also be undertaking a review of all relevant legislation and policy related to housing and urban development. There is a draft Housing Law, Circular 3, a draft Spatial Planning Policy and most recently a concept note for Housing Policy in Cambodia drafted by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (based in Bangkok) and submitted to the MLMUPC. STT will be looking at all the actors, the various documents on the table and what this means to the development of Phnom Penh in the coming decade.

Railways rehabilitation: independent research

Following the green light for the US$141 million programme (funded by ADB and Aus Aid) to rehabilitate the national railways by concessionaire, Australian firm TOLL holdings , STT has been taking a closer look at some of the impacts of the project – especially families currently living along the Corridor of Impact (COI) along the rail edge. STT’s mapping has revealed a number of anolmalies with the Inter-Ministerial Resettlement Committee (IRC) survey which are under discussion.

The 8 Khan Survey: a survey of urban poor settlements in Phnom Penh

report cover
Following on from surveys done in 1999 and 2003 by Solidarity for Urban Poor Federation and the Urban Poor Development Fund (and funded by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights), STT has compiled an independent survey of urban poor settlements in Phnom Penh’s 8 main districts (known locally as ‘Khans’). The survey focussed on settlements of 10 or more families and contains basic data and GPS points for each site.

Surveying began in August 2008 with permission from the Municipality to survey the four inner Khans and in December this was extended to the full eight. The Survey revealed a major shift in the location of settlements from the core districts to the outer ones. Government officers point to successful poverty reduction policies while other observers suggest that development and land price pressures are pushing these communities to the outlying districts resulting in evictions and increased hardship for urban poor.

The Survey was published on Human Rights Day (10th December) 2009 and has been distributed to a wide group of Government, Embassy and Development organisations. The full report can be downloaded from our homepage.


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