Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The trial of 23 delayed once again to May 20

Not different from last month. Since early in the morning, the police had already blocked off all roads around the courthouse and the street in front of the courthouse on Monireth Boulevard across from Olympic Stadium. While Vorn Pao, Chan Putisak, Theng Savoeun and the others already brought in the courtrooms.

Over than 400 people rallied in front of the two side barricades one in front of Preah Puth Pagoda and the another one at the corner next to the Tela Gas Station on the south, the gathering including community activists from different urban poor communities, garment workers, union, monks and family of the 23. Supporters have stood at the police barricades making speeches over loudspeakers, with “Free the 23” logos, lotus flowers adorning their T-shirts. While the Human Rights activists only can monitor the situation from the distance. The Human Rights activists and journalists were kicked out by the police from staying closely to the barricade or moving closely to the police and the courthouse.

About at 4pm, the message from the courthouse, the trial of 2 from Stung Meanchey will be announced verdict on May 30. While the 23 case will continue to interview witnesses of case Veng Sreng Street, as well as, continuing interview Vorn Pao, Chan Puthisak and Theng Savoeun in Yak Jin case. The hearing of 23 delayed to May 20. The 21 confirmed back to CC1.

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