Supreme Court postponed Boeung Kak Land Activist Case to December

On 24, 11, 2017 Supreme Court appearing four Boeung Kak activists, Tep Vanny, Heng Mom, Kong Chantha, and Bo Chhorvy, were convicted by the lower court over land protests in 2011.

After hearing around 2 hour, the Supreme Court postponed that cast to 8 December. The appeal court charged four activists with insults and obstruction of police officers, with sentence 6 moths, when they protested for their land issue in front of the city hall since 2011.

There area around 30 people from Boeung Kak came to support them in front the Supreme Court. There are only police, who working at the court guard around there. But it still have some spy cover the scene too.

Outside the court Mrs. Kong Chantha said that “I am confident the Supreme Court will provide justice and drop the charges against us”.