Book Design Consultant

  1. Background:

Phnom Penh based Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (‘STT’) was set up in September 2005 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in December 2006. ‘Teang Tnaut’ means ‘Sugar Palm Leaf’ in Khmer and is used for house construction, thatch roofs, sugar and packaging. This icon of the Cambodian landscape evokes a simplicity and usefulness which STT tries to reflect in its work with urban communities. From the outset STT has had a focus on infrastructure upgrading but over the past decade many communities have been impacted by development-related land alienation and evictions. Because of this STT has strengthened its research and advocacy to draw attention to a development policy that in Phnom Penh alone has led to 270,000 residents being displaced since 1990.  By supporting genuine community complaints and grievances STT and its partners have been helping communities articulate their concerns to local and international media, donors and other NGOs & INGOs.

In 2016-2018, STT implements a Project Human Right Based Spatial Planning(HRBSP II) that it is joint project with other three organization People in Need, Urban Poor Women Development, and Open Institute, which funded by the European Union and Czech Development Cooperation for Democracy and Human Right. The objective of project is to contribute to the development and consolidation of the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cambodia, through strengthening tenure security, the right to adequate housing and disaster risk reduction. This project also includes conducting Phnom Penh Survey that leaded by STT.

In 2017, STT has conducted the Phnom Penh survey on urban poor communities in Phnom Penh, which collected new data and updated information previously collated and published in the 2014 Phnom Penh Survey. The report will be updated current and accurate maps of the urban poor settlements’ locations as well as present both findings and recommendations for key stakeholders. The research will be a useful tool for evidence based advocacy for urban poor communities, NGOs, donors, policy makers as well as government bodies.

At the final, the report paper will be published in this 2018. To easy read and attract from reader on professional of publishing report, STT needs designer to design Phnom Penh Survey 2017 report both Khmer and English by using Adobe Indesign.

The total number pages of the documents both Khmer and English is 135 pages (Khmer=75 pages and English= 60 pages).

  1. Objective: To design PP Survey 2017 both Khmer and English by using Adobe Indesign
  1. Methods and Tools

The designer’s input and support will be required in the following areas:

  • All information related to the job must be kept confidentially and not shared unless with explicit written authorization from the Executive Director.
  • The final outputs are the intellectual property of STT unless otherwise stated.
  • Regarding the format the designer will take his/her own creativity and give us for some comments. Yet we will tell him/her about the color of STT so that we can stay our identity consistent.
  • Provide final editable files of Phnom Penh Survey
  1. Support team from STT

The designer will be under supervision of Technical Program Manager, and will work in cooperation with the HRBSP Project Manager.

  1. Expected Results and Deliverables

By the end of this consultancy the Phnom Penh Survey 2017 report both Khmer and English are designed in professional format and ready to print out.

  1. Duration

The duration of this work will be two weeks (5- 19 July 2018)

  1. Budget and Logistic

The budget for this book design is $500 including tax. In accordance with Cambodia’s Law on Taxation (Article 25), STT will deduct 15% of the service’s fee for tax payment.

The payment can be made upon the completion of assignment.

  1. How to Apply

Interested candidates should send a CV highlighting relevant experience and a technical proposal (including the budget and time frame) to STT’s Administration and Human Resource through email  The sample of documents designed will be asked to bring in once shortlisted.

STT is looking for designer for designing Phnom Penh Survey 2017 who has the following criteria:

  • At least two years ‘ experience relate to the task
  • Proficiency in using Adobe Indesign to design book or other relevant reports
  • Be proactive, flexible, and creative
  • Be friendly and conversational
  • Be responsive and timely manner