Consultant to Develop the Interactive Map – Terms of Reference (TOR)

1. Introduction and Background
STT is a Cambodian Urban NGO working with vulnerable urban poor communities, in Phnom Penh and the provinces, who are affected by land and housing rights issues. STT is implementing four related projects: 1) Community Mapping, Housing Improvement and Research Project, 2) Land and Housing Rights Project, 3) Community Empowerment Project, and 4) Community Media and ICT Project. Each year to support the advocacy work of STT and other partner organizations, STT undertakes research into key issues affecting urban poor communities under threat of eviction. STT also has a strong focus on strengthening the advocacy capacity of community activists and providing a number of social media, ICT and land and housing rights training to urban and rural communities.
STT is looking to hire an external consultant to develop interactive maps for Phnom Penh’s main lakes map in order to present the information through an engaging medium and allow the public to easily access and download.

2. Objective ​
The purpose of this consultancy is to develop interactive maps of Phnom Penh’s main lakes and provide training to technical staff so that they are able to update and maintain the maps on their own.

3. Expected Results and Deliverables

  • Before commencement of work the consultant is required to submit a final proposal including methodology, support strategy, work plan and budget to STT.
  • One interactive map will be developed and incorporated into STT’s website.
  • Progress reports with verbal presentations of progress as appropriate.
  • A final report on work undertaken and presentation to relevant staff and stakeholders.
  • The organization of a training session for STT’s technical staff on the whole process of interactive map building, maintenance and updates.

4. Methods and Activities
The consultant will provide STT with the following:

  • Produce interactive map on STT’s website.
  • Prepare data and information following the template provided by STT.
  • Receive comments from STT Management.
  • Provide training to STT’s technical staff on the whole process of interactive map building, maintenance and updates.
  • Prepare final report

5. Support Team from STT
The consultant will work closely with the Land and Housing Rights Project (LHRP) Manager, Program Manager, Senior Human Resource and Admin Officer and relevant project managers and staff to facilitate this consultancy. Key contacts are as follows:

Name Position Mobile Email
Mr. Seang Muoylay LHRP Manager 016 899 465
Mr. Em Khemara Program Manager 089 666 031
Mrs. Net Chanthida Senior Human Resource and Admin Officer 092 781 442

6. Duration and Place of Work
This consultancy will commence as soon as possible and the duration of the contract will be three months from the start date. Specific duration will be stated in the service agreement once the consultancy is offered.

7. Consultancy Fee
This consultant will be compensated at a competitive rate.

8. Required qualifications of the Consultant
STT is looking for consultant with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum of Bachelor Degree in a relevant field.
  • Experience in providing organizational consultancy services on the topics mentioned by STT above.
  • Five years experience in database and map online.
  • Highly effective team player.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Khmer speaker is an advantage.

9. How to Apply
Interested candidates should send their application and CV highlighting relevant experience and a technical proposal, including budget to STT’s Administration and Human Resources through email, and cc Mr. Em Khemara at

Closing date: June 05, 2020 before 5pm.
You can download the PDF files here! English