FACTS AND FIGURES #48: Boeung Tamok: An update on the cutting of the lake

As of July 2023, Boeung Tamok or Boeung Kob Srov, a lake that was designated as public state property by Sub-Decree No. 20 on February 3, 2016 and had a total area of 3,239.7 hectares, has been transferred as private state property and handed over to private individuals and other institutions 70 times, covering a total area of 2,369.8913 hectares. This large number has made the cutting of the lake deviate from the master plan and the area of Boeung Tamok Lake is almost fully gone.

While the Law​ land​ and Law on Control, Usage and Management of State Asset state that public state property cannot be sold, exchanged, given, or conceded, the use of sub-decrees to convert public state land to private state land and hand it over to private individuals and other institutions seems to be ambiguous. The implementation of the law lacks transparency and does not provide any justification for the public.

According to the 2035 Master Plan of Phnom Penh Municipality, Boeung Tamok, was originally set to be preserved for about 2,140 hectares.


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