Housing Rights and Research Project

The objective of this project is to improve land security for urban poor communities. The project supports and strengthens the capacity of vulnerable urban poor communities by conducting trainings, providing technical support and by monitoring, the land tenure situation for each community.

The Land and Housing Rights Project is a transitional project, and was preceded by the Human Rights Based Spatial Planning Phase I (2014-2015) and Phase II (2016-2018). Through these two projects, STT provided a great deal of support to urban poor communities including legal advice sheets, community mapping and trainings on land-based planning and human rights.

Currently, the project focuses on monitoring and supporting urban poor communities with limited knowledge of the 2001 Land Law and of their housing rights in order to contribute to the reduction of land conflicts in Cambodia. In addition to supporting community mapping, the project also produces maps of lakes, conducts research, and gathers information on urban development policies aimed at improving Cambodia’s implementation of urban development and seeks stakeholder input to ensure sustainable urban development.