Unit                 : MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) Officer
Reporting to   : Program Manager

Main responsibilities, Tasks and Activities

The MEAL Officer is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Monitoring: To evaluate overall progress on STT’s achievement of results. In doing so, the MEAL officer will be expected to develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection, and evaluation procedures.
  2. Evaluation: To keep abreast of STT’s work at the internal and community levels. To provide inputs, statistics, and information to help STT develop quarterly, annual or other reports in due course. The MEAL officer is also expected to develop monitoring and impact indicators to evaluate a project’s success.
  3. Activity Evaluation: To suggest strategies to the Management Committee for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a project by identifying possible obstacles in completing project activities and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such obstacles.
  4. Project Reviewing: To participate in project reviews, as well as planning workshops, to help each project manager prepare and set up relevant reports, and workplans.
  5. Quality Assessment: To carry out data quality assessments and audits regularly, based on MEAL indicators agreed with STT, to guide decision making, and to be of use in relevant reports.
  6. Capacity Building: To build capacity of staff through training, to ensure adoption of new data monitoring tools and quality of data collected.
  7. Safeguarding: To report all safeguarding incidents seen, heard, or suspected, using STT’s internal reporting mechanisms.
  8. Other Duties: May be required to work on other projects as agreed with the Management Committee or as directed by the Executive Director.

Performance Indicators

– The annual work plan will outline the outputs and outcomes for this post this will be monitored via supervision and annual appraisal.
– All posts at STT are subject to a 3-month probationary period.
– There will be a 6-monthly review to assess performance and listen to any issues the employee may have.
– This post is subject to the STTs terms and conditions of service. The post holder is expected to follow STT policies.





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