Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) has given the opportunity to 4 youths to receive research grants with different topics and under one frame to promote good environmental governance in an urban poor community.  

This research has been aimed to improve research writing for urban poor communities, and in doing so, help improve good environmental governance and flooding challenges in poor communities.  

The topics of research are: Study of Behavior and Practice on Community Waste Management and Environmental Governance in Prek Takong 60m Community, Trash Management and Governance in Boeung Chhouk Meanchey Thmey II Community, Governance and Waste Management of a Community Along Boeung Trabek Canal, and Floods in Phnom Penh: Concerns and Challenges of a Poor Community Prek Takong 3.    

The, key findings of each report focus on how communities changed their behaviours towards trash disposal due to an awareness of the disadvantages and effects of trash Management. The reports show that some local authorities do not cooperate with urban poor communities to solve trash management issues. This is one of the reasons that some community members continue to drop garbage in the community areas and do not care about environmental problems.  For the topic related to flooding from the rain, the findings focus on the impacts of flooding related to health, personal finance, housing quality, infrastructure, and other challenges.    

To find out more about this report, please visit:    

You can download the report here! Khmer​English   

For further information please contact   

Mr. Soeung Saran, Executive Director of Sahmakum Teang Tnaut.  

Signal: 089 666 013   


Mrs. Prak Sotheary, Advocacy and Research Advisor at Sahmakum Teang Tnaut.   

Signal: 012 464 500  


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