Mam Sonando and His Supporters Expel

On January 27, 2014 at 8:00 am, director of the independent broadcast Radio Beehive, Mr. Mam Sonando and his supporters approximately 2,000 gathered and rallied at Dragon Bridge nearby Freedom Park, requesting for the Ministry of Information to allow Radio Beehive to have its own TV station and nationwide broadcasts.

At 9:40am, Mr. Mam Sonando led his supporters to march to the Ministry of Information in order to submit a petition asking to set up the relay for Radio Beehive broadcasting and a new TV station. Thousands of his supporters and other people joined the march around Wat Phnom, past  the US Embassy to the Ministry of Information. The protesters were blocked by military police and security guards during their march past the US Embassy, but the protesters pushed forward.

At about 9:40am, Sonando and his supporters reached the Ministry of Information—and the rally continued even though the Ministry did not come to receive the petition from Mr. Mam Sonando.

After that, about 10:00am, almost a thousand riots police, military police and security guards equipped with shields and electric batons stood in line and gathered with  police shields. This mix of police used smoke-grenades and beat protesters, which made people run away to escape from the smoke and beating. Fortunately, Mr. Mam Sonando was evacuated without being injured.

The Ministry of Information did not receive the petition. At least 10 people were injured after having been beaten. Some people were immediately sent to the hospital. Media and human rights observers were onsite.

Somando supporters

Somando supporter