Sub-decree of Phnom Penh Master Plan

Sub-decree on the implementation of Phnom Penh Master Plan with vision to 2035.

The Sub-decree of this master plan has aims to:

  • orient land usage and ensure the existing potential value of Phnom Penh in sustainable, efficient and equitable ways so that can support the socio-economic development, social development and to ensure food security and environmental quality.
  • orient of the equitable, balancing consistent development between Phnom Penh city, sub-city, provincial town in country other countries.
  • ensure the promotion of Phnom Penh’s identity in order to integrate it into the region and compete with other cities in the region for the development of larger context, which offers the possibility on both technical and financial supports.

You can find these documents below:

Sub-degree of Phnom Penh Master Plan_vs2

Map of Phnom Penh Master Plan