75th International Human Rights Day under theme “Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All Citizens”

From the 9th to the 10th of December 2023, around 400 rural and urban communities celebrated the International Day of Human Rights. These communities included Phlov Rothplueng community (Phnom Penh), Stueng Kambot Community (Phnom Penh), Smor San Community (Phnom Penh), Veal Sbov Community (Phnom Penh), Veal Entrey Community (Kampot Province), Meanchey Community (Svay Rieng Province), and Lor Peang Community (Kampong Chhnang Province). They engaged in various significant activities, such as community clean-ups and spreading messages about human rights and housing rights.

Furthermore, approximately 3,000 members of land and indigenous communities, unions, youth groups, civil society organizations, and human rights activists came together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of International Human Rights Day 2023 at Freedom Park in Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh. The event aimed to achieve the following purposes:
1. To strengthen the public understanding about the International Human Rights Declaration, it’s the enforcing instruments and Cambodia Constitution;
2. To increase the demand for justice and pushing for the reform
3. To increase people understanding how the justice affect to freedom and dignity of the people; and for CSO
4. Widen our CSO space through more active activities: marches and public assembly.

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#IHRD2023 #IHRD75

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