Cycling Event Around Boeung Tamok Lake to Join World Environment Day 2022

On May 19, 2022, a group of more than 30 young people who love the environment participated in a cycling event around Boeung Tamok lake, coordinated by the organizing team of the World Environment Day 2022 with 15 associations and organizations. The event has three main objectives:

First, to raise awareness of the general situation, benefits, and challenges of Boeung Tamok lake;
Second, to promote the youth rights in environmental protection and Third, disseminate information to stakeholders, especially those who have the right to decide, and to consider stopping the cutting and contribute to the degradation of Boeung Tamok lake.
The event started from a community located on the east side of Boeung Tamok lake, then continued along the Win-win boulevard, and then into the central part of the lake before continuing on to the west and the north.

In this event, there have also been some problems, such as the blockading of the road by the Prek Pnov district authority at the central part of the lake, which did not allow the youth to see the view of the lake and the deep pit that was dug to fill the lake. In addition, our youth group also had to cycle across the water because of flooding.

Despite some obstacles, our young people expressed their appreciation for the dedication and for their energy and time in this event.
Please note that Boeung Tamok, also known as Boeung Kobsrov is the largest natural lake in Phnom Penh, located in the northwest of the city along Win-Win Boulevard and has a total area of 3239. 7 hectares, covering two districts. 6 villages and 25 villages. Around the lake, there are about 300 families and about 1,000 people living there, most of whom are involved in fishing, raising fish, planting lotus, farming, and small businesses at home. The lake was determined by the sub-decree in 2016 and by the end of 2021, the lake area has been cut and handed over to private individuals and public institutions at least 46 times, covering a total area of 2,094 hectares or 65% of the lake area.

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