Update on Hunger Strike in CC2

On December 15th, the Swedish Ambassador, Ms. Anna Maj Hultgård, met with children of the Boeung Kak female activists. The activists are on hunger strike since the 10th of December. The meeting was also attended by President of LICADHO, Ms. Pung Chhiv Kek, and STT’s Executive Director, Mr. Ee Sarom. After meeting with them, the Ambassador made a pledge to speak with other European Union embassies to urge the government for the release of the activists.

On that day, doctors and NGO workers attended the eight female activists in CC2. The women maintain a strong resolve despite deteriorating health due to the hunger strike, exacerbated by poor prison conditions.

The team of doctors also visited male activists in CC1 who are facing poor health due to substandard prison conditions, including overcrowded cells of nearly 70 inmates.