Community youth leadership program under the activity “Youth For Housing Rights​ camping”

Community youth leadership program under the activity Youth For Housing Rights​ camping was coordinated by Sahmakum Teang Tnaut Organization on 14-18 June 2024 at Areng community, Koh Kong province. There were 35 people (F=17 and LGBTQ+) from 7 target communities in Phnom Penh, members from the Kouy indigenous group and youth from many universities.

The purpose of this camping activity was to provide a great opportunity for youth as a student and youth from community to gain understanding about foreign direct investment research as well as provide knowledge on business and human rights and adequate housing rights.

The main activities in the whole camping activity include: sharing from Areng representative regarding community profile, advocacy, community issues and accomplishment, sharing on the topic business and human rights and adequate housing rights, presentation of research finding on the topic “Foreign Direct Investment in Cambodia”, community youth leadership program’s sharing on building leadership to conduct any campaign in community and another team building activity.

One of participate was quoted “After I joined the camping, I gained knowledge about the concept of housing rights and foreign direct investment, learned how to live like a community without internet and eat local food, and Learn about how to perform in forum theatre”.

Another of participate was quoted “I will apply my knowledge from participating to share to all my friend and community”.

Down below are a​ picture of the whole camping activity:

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