Consultant to Produce Advocacy Video Terms of Reference (TOR)

1. Introduction and Background

Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT) is located in Phnom Penh. STT was founded in 2005 and officially registered in 2006 as a local NGO supporting urban poor communities. “Teang Tnaut” means “Palm Leaves” and palm leaves are used by poor communities, to build rooves, and walls for their houses. This simplistic name was chosen to forever remind STT that its work serves the poorest members of society. STT started as a small NGO that focused on technical upgrades in poor communities but over the past decade, many communities have been affected by development, land transfers, and evictions. As a result, STT has since grown to produce community maps, research and advocacy in

order to achieve its goal of helping poor communities realize their rights to land and housing and awareness contain accurate information on ID Poor program. STT’s efforts in Phnom Penh alone have reached 270,000 people. STT and its partners have helped communities express their concerns to national and international media, donors as well as national and international NGOs.

STT is looking to hire an external consultant to produce advocacy videos which will be posted on social media to raise awareness on a variety of urban issues.

2. Objective

To produce three advocacy videos which will be posted on social media to raise awareness on a variety of urban issues.

3. Methods and Tools

– Consultant will produce three advocacy videos
– The concept of the videos will either be provided by STT or proposed by the consultant
– Stories, photos, videos, images, audio, infographics and other materials related to the process of producing the video will be developed by the consultant
– The consultant must guarantee that the videos produced will not be copyrighted
– The full work plan and timeline will be developed by the consultant and approved by the STT team before commencement of work
– Travel to communities to collect media material
– Perform appropriate short interviews with partners, community members and other stakeholders

4. Expected Outcome and Deliverable

The consultant will submit to STT

– A final script of each video before commencement of work. The duration of each video will not exceed 10 minutes.
– Narration, translation and subtitles in English.
– Original photos, videos, images, audio, infographics which will be used in the video.
– Three advocacy videos of high quality and resolution.

5. Support team from STT

The consultant will work closely with the community Housing Rights and Research (HRRP) Project Manager, Community Mapping, Housing Improvement and Urban Resilience (CMHRP) Project Manager, Program Manager, Senior Human Resource and Admin Officer and relevant project managers and staff to facilitate this consultancy. Key contacts are as follows:

N0 Name Position Email
1 Mr. Seang Muoylay HRRP Manager
2 Mr. Em Khemara Program Manager
3 Ms. Net Chanthida Senior Admin and HR
4 Mr. Lors Sren CMHRP Manager

6. Duration and Place of Work

This consultancy will commence as soon as possible and the duration of the contract will be one month from the start date. Specific duration will be stated in the service agreement once the consultancy is offered.

7. Consultancy Fee

This consultancy fee is maximum $ 3,400.

8. Required qualifications of the Consultant

STT is looking for a consultant with the following qualifications:

– Experience in producing advocacy videos for NGOs, the private sector or the government;
– Exceptional photography and videography skills;
– Excellent photo and video editing skills;
– Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility;
– Highly effective team player;
– Good communication skills;
– Khmer speaker is an advantage.

9. How to Apply

Interested candidates should send their application including CV highlighting relevant experience, a budget, and sample work to STT’s Administration and Human Resources through email,, and cc Mr. Em Khemara at Before commencement of work, the consultant is required to submit a final script of video and work plan to STT.

Note: Only shortlisted applicant (s) will be contacted for discussions and interviews

Closing date: April 13, 2021 before 5pm.
You can download the PDF files here! English

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